About US

nanoGARD offers a full line of state-of-the-art high performance products for the construction industry.  Our products are disrupting traditional methods and ways of thinking across nearly every sector.  

From our revolutionary asphalt and concrete repair products upending conventional wisdom on how roads and bridges are repaired and maintained to our negative side repair solutions helping to salvage buildings and infrastructure previously considered beyond repair, there are very few corners of the market that are not ripe for the introduction of 21st century solutions.

Sealants & Sealers

Our sealants and sealers harness the latest advances in chemical engineering and nano-techology to not only out perform traditional solutions, but to open up new areas of application and entirely new uses.


Roof Coating

The roof coating products are some of the most durable in the industry and many can now be formulated to reflect 90% or more of the solar energy that falls upon them to maximize building performance, longevity and energy efficiency.


Alan O'Mhaolain

Jason Landis

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